About Us

Our story

Roelavi is a woman-led jeweller dedicated to making unique and handmade artisanal jewellery. We are a team of master goldsmiths and designers who have been passionately making jewellery locally for nearly 20 years. 



Dedicated to Making Unique Fine Jewellery

We pride ourselves on creating unique and high quality jewellery that encapsulate nature’s beauty. We work with precious metals and finest gemstones to bring to life flowers, leaves, butterflies and all the magnificent creations of mother nature that you can wear every day.



Caring & Attentive Customer Service

We put customer relationships at the forefront of our core values. We understand how important and meaningful it is to seek for a sentimental piece of jewellery that symbolizes your unique love story. That is why we are dedicated to ensuring a completely stress-free and exciting experience for our customers where they feel fully supported, assured, and listened to.

For these reasons, we do not outsource our customer service representatives. You will have direct contact with the designer and/or maker of your wearable art. All enquiries will be personally taken care of promptly by either Esmee herself or one of our expert artisans who have full knowledge on jewellery making to best assist you.


Our Founder's Journey to Jewellery Designing and Making

The journey of fantasy began from the first time Esmee visited her uncle’s jewellery workshop. She was fascinated by the sparkly gold and gemstones and how they were made into gorgeous jewellery. Esmee then often visited the workshop and learnt a lot about creating jewellery from her uncle and his team of expert goldsmiths. 

As the love for jewellery grew, Esmee started paying more attention to jewellery shops whenever she went out and noticed that the designs offered in the market were quite repetitive. This inspired her to design new and unique fine jewellery.

Esmee sees beauties in everything around her, especially in nature and in love. Roelavi was then born, with the aim to share dreams, fantasies and love for nature’s beauty through each piece of jewellery.